Power Chairs

Power chairs are an excellent choice for those who don’t have the strength or capabilities to use a manual wheelchair or mobility scooter. Perfect for indoors and around the community, power chairs provide more freedom and mobility than the average manual wheelchair. These chairs are also extremely durable and built to last. Don’t let the name deter you; power chairs are operated by two motors that put the unit in motion, all while being controlled by you. There are several types of power chairs that come with a variety of different features and additions. Some power chairs come with standard front and rear wheels, while others may have six wheels in total. If you’re worried about comfort while seated, we carry padded seats and adjustable headrests for an overall supportive experience.

Contact our mobility experts at Re-New mobility today. We can assist you in finding the most reliable power chair for your unique situation and ensure that it’s a perfect match for your home and lifestyle.