Lift Chairs

Transitioning from a seated position to standing up can be a painful and challenging process if you suffer from mobility issues. To avoid the risk of falling or hurting yourself, contact our team at Re-New Mobility to learn more about our lift chairs. 

A lift chair looks a lot like a standard recliner, but this piece of furniture is designed to assist a person when they want to get up from their seat. If you wish to recline back into a comfortable position or move upright to get on your feet, you can do so with the push of a button. You might want to consider the purchase of a lift chair to make things a little easier around the house, especially if you have limited mobility. 

Many lift chair options come with accessories and customizations, such as pillows, side tables, USB ports, and more. You can also find lift chairs in many different styles, fabrics, and sizes. If you think a lift chair is a beneficial option for you, contact us today to inquire about our selection and home visit installations.