What Should I Look For When Buying A Lift Chair?

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A lift chair, also known as a power lift, is an armchair that resembles the look of a traditional recliner. The difference between lift chairs and regular recliners is that they include a mechanical feature that assists users in standing up. It’s a popular choice for individuals with limited mobility or pain associated with sitting down. Lift chair models also promote comfort and accessibility at home. 

Due to their growing popularity, there have been many types of lift chairs manufactured, meaning that if you’re considering purchasing a chair, you’ll have a lot to consider: 

Types of Lift Chairs

Two-Position Lift Chair Recliners 

A two-position lift chair can recline at a 45-degree angle. While two-position lift chairs are helpful for people with mobility issues, they mainly serve as a convenient spot to watch TV, read, or relax. Switching from an upright to a reclining position is convenient for those who want extra comfort and support when sitting.

Three-Position Lift Chair Recliners 

Three-position lift chairs recline back further than a two-position. In fact, they recline further than most standard recliners. When the backrest reclines, the ottoman rises to ensure your legs and back are properly supported. One of the best features of a three-position lift chair is that it can stop at any position when reclining back, all with the press of a control button.

Infinite-Position Lift Chair Recliners 

Infinite-position lift chairs can fully recline back parallel to the floor. The footrest of an infinite-position lift chair can be controlled separately from the backrest, which gives the user some options when getting comfortable. Infinite-position chairs are considered higher-end than most recliners as they feature better cushioning and mechanics. 

Zero Gravity Lift Chair Recliners

Zero gravity lift chairs are beneficial in decreasing pressure on the spine by reclining the thighs and legs higher than the torso. This position is one of the best ways to alleviate back pain as the feet are lined up with the position of the heart, allowing better circulation and tension relief. This lift chair can tilt and raise the user to ensure they can sit back and get out of the chair.

Things To Consider Once You’ve Found the Right Type of Lift Chair

What Lift Chair Size Is Right for Me?

The beauty of lift chairs is that they come in many shapes and sizes, which means you’ll have a better chance of finding one that perfectly suits your needs. You’ll want to make sure that the chair isn’t too high that your feet won’t be able to touch the floor or that it isn’t too short, throwing off your back support. 

Most lift chair models come with a sizing chart that lists height ranges. It’s paramount to find a chair that accommodates your height. 

Will the Lift Chair Fit in the Living Room?

While you need to consider the space of your living room when purchasing a lift chair, remember that the more a lift chair reclines, the more space you’ll need for it; you don’t want anything to be in the way as it’s reclining. Ensure that you measure the desired area to match the dimensions of the lift chair. 

What Is the Weight Capacity of the Chair?

Every lift chair comes with its own weight capacity. Most chairs can hold between 136-227 kg / 300-500 lbs. Check the weight limit of your desired lift chair to ensure it can properly support you. 

Do You Need a Lift Chair With Advanced or Simple Features? 

Whether you want a lift chair with additional features is entirely up to you. Many chairs include heated seats, massage, power foot extension, pocket storage, and battery backup. Remember that any additional features may increase the cost of the chair, so it’s best to ensure that you keep it within your budget. 

How Much Does a Lift Chair Cost?

Power Lift Chairs 

Power lift chairs tend to cost more than manual chairs due to their electronic components. The quality of the power chair will also factor into how high the price will be when buying it. Some chairs can go anywhere from $900 to $2000. or more.

Should I Rent or Buy?

Renting allows you more flexibility if you don’t enjoy your chair of choice, whereas you’d be stuck with it if it was purchased. However, buying a lift chair means you’ll be the first one to use it; you won’t have to worry about other users messing with its contour and shape or the threat of what condition it will be in when you get it. 

Ultimately, the choice is yours. If you feel that you can benefit from the perks of owning a lift chair, you should consider the investment. 

Who Will Service a Lift Chair?

Any issues with your lift chair can be looked over and serviced by our skilled technicians. We ensure that all our clients receive dealer/factory-authorized service when they purchase a product at our store.

What Is the Warranty on a Lift Chair?

. The warranty on a brand-new chair will vary depending on the manufacturer. From 1 year to 7 years

Where To Buy a Lift Chair?

We have a wide selection of lift chairs at our Winnipeg, MB, location. If you’re on a budget, we provide an array of rental services and pre-owned products to ensure everyone has an opportunity to find comfort and support in a lift chair. 

Enjoy support and safety with our lift chairs in Winnipeg. Our knowledgeable staff can help you find the perfect chair for you. Visit us in-store today and begin your journey toward absolute comfort and pain relief.

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